Our Company

With our history and heritage, we proud to present ourselves as a trusted partner to built-up valuable business relationship in essential oils and aroma industry locally and internationally.

Essential Oils and Aroma JSC., (ENTEROIL) was initially named as Co-operate Center of Science and Production of Essential Oils and Aroma, established in 1985 by Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology and funded by United Nation Development Programme (UNDP) to research and develop Vietnamese Essential Oils and Aroma industry to ensure Vietnamese essential oils were qualified to export to international market. The Center was fully equipped with scientific instruments to study and analyze quality of essential oils. With an excellent team and supports from experts, scientists from different countries, the Center was able to produce essential products with high quality to export to the world market.

Year 1988, the Center was changed to Essential Oils Enterprise, under the Government sector, and was the first certificated enterprise to produce and export essential oils.

Together with the Scientist team with many years’ experience in research and development of essential oils and vital contributions to practice exporting Vietnamese Essential Oils to the world market, the Enterprise had exported hundreds ton of essential oils and also promoted planting and development of different types of Vietnamese essential oils at a bigger industrial scale.

Year 1996, in order for the Enterprise particularly and Vietnam as a whole, to develop and to expand market not only in essential oils but also in other potential natural products, the Enterprise was authorized to change to Essential Oils and Natural Products.

Year 2006, with the policy of equitizing State’s Enterprises, Essential Oils and Natural Products was the leading company in the equitization process and was authorized to become a Joint Stock Company with name as Essential Oils and Aroma Joint Stock Company (ENTEROIL).

Since then, the Company has developed and built-up a factory on a 10.000 m2 land at Quang Minh Industrial Zone to be able to deploy research projects most effectively and efficiently. Especially, we have succeeded in deploying the project called “Research and Manufacture the Fractional Distillation Tower with capacity of 1,000 kgs per batch”. The Tower has greatly contributed to the development of producing higher quality and value-added products of Essential Oils and also allow us to generate Natural Aroma Chemicals which have high value.

With over 30-year accumulated experience in the industry and continuous improvements in equipment, technique and quality control, ENTEROIL proud to provide international standards and wide range of products and services to our clients with certificate of ISO 9001-2008, HACCP, FDA Registration, Kosher.

We would like to introduce our main product list as follow:

A - Natural Essential Oil - Method of Obtain: Steam Distillation 
1. Basil Oil (Methyl Chavicol type)
2. Cassia Oil (Cinnamic Aldehyde 80-85%)
3. Cajeput Oil
4. Cintronella Oil

B - Natural Aroma Chemicals - Method of Obtain: Fractional Distillation from Cassia Oil
1. Cinnamic Aldehyde (99% purity)
2. Cinamyl Acetate (min 97% purity)
3. Benzaldehyde (EU standard 99.6% purity)
4. Coumarin (min 99% purity)